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How to track your sleep

Please wear the tracker and sleep as usual, you don’t need to have your smartphone beside you or keep the App and Bluetooth turning on when you sleep, Zururu tracks your sleep habits and quality automatically every night. Sleep tracking is based on your heart rate and movement like rolling over to estimate your sleep stages. Make sure the heart rate sensor on the underside of the device stays in contact with your wrist. When you lie on the bed, the tracker cannot recognize that you are asleep immediately, it needs time to analyze your heart rate, movement and other factors to determine your sleeping status. Generally, you can read the stats 10-30 minutes after waking up, please walk around so that the tracker knows you have been awake, connect your tracker to app and sync, stats of sleep quality can then be viewed in the app.

Here are some tips for sleep tracking:

* Avoid moving your body too frequent.

* Make sure the heart rate sensor is always in direct contact with skin of your wrist.

* Sleep at least 4 hours.

* Don’t open the app once you have gone to sleep.

If you wake up and leave your bed in the midnight, the sleep tracking record may divide into two parts, you can click the “Last” and “Next”  to check all sleep records for the whole night.

Updated on September 12, 2021

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