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Failed to receive SMS/Calls notifications?

Please make sure:

1.Your tracker has been successfully paired with the H Band app in your smartphone.

2.Your tracker is in the range of Bluetooth enabled in your smartphone.

3.The H Band app should be kept running in the background in your smartphone.

4.You have turned on the Message notification (Mine > Y39 > Message notification > Facebook, Whatsapp…) Confirm which apps should send notifications to your tracker.

5.You have enabled the contacts permission in your smartphone setting.

6.You have enabled phone call permission in your smartphone setting.

7.The call record permission is turned on in your smartphone setting.

You can set the permissions (In the H Band App: Mine >Y39 >Message notification > Help)

Or enter “Help” at the Mine page ( In the app: Mine > Help > Device is easy to disconnect >  Go to settings / enabled > select H Band in Permission)



To keep the H Band app running in the background, please follow the steps below: (EMUI 10.0 is used as an example. Operations for other versions may vary.)

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Touch the Apps
  3. Touch App launch and find H Band.

4. Toggle off the switch next to the H Band

5. In the displayed Manage manuallydialog box, toggle on the Run in background


If it still doesn’t work, please try to delete and re-install the H Band app, then restart your smartphone, at the first launch after installation, the app will show an app permission request prompt, please allow all the accesses.

Updated on October 8, 2022

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