1. FAQ


How I can set up the time and date?

You don’t need to set the date and time. once you bind the device with the app and sync the date and time will update automatically.

The fitness tracker itself does not do timing by itself, it just reads your phone’s time, so if you wish to update time, make sure the phone time is correct and sync again.

Take a note, if the fitness tracker battery power is completely drained, time will be reset, that will need an extra to restore correct time.

Failed to find the device when pairing

1.Make sure the Bluetooth of smart phone is ON,and smart phone OS Android 4.4 & Above,IOS 7.0 & Above.

2.Make sure the distance between phone and device is within 0.5meter,device is among the normal Bluetooth communication distance range(within 10Meter) after pairing finished.

3.Make sure the device is not under low battery.If there is still a problem after fully charged,pleae contact us.

Failed to connect with Bluetooth occasionally

1.Caused by the abnormality of Bluetooth service wehn it restarted on the phone.

2.Reboot mobile phone or re-start the Bluetooth service,thenit works normal.

How to restore factory defaults

Make sure the device is connected with smart phone,go in the App,enter “Device->More”, and choose “Reboot Device”.

How long does the tracker take to charge?

Around 1-2 hours for fully charge and the battery life can be up to 10 days (Charge cycles vary with use & settings)

Is there any type of charging device in the box ? I can't find charger in the box.

Zururu fitness tracker does not require a charging cable, just pull open the strap and take out the bracelet body, insert the chip-mounted end of the bracelet body into the USB interface to activate the product by charging ( be cautious not to reverse the polarity, and comply with the required voltage and current: 5V/ 500mA)

How do I change the time on my Zururu device?

If your device is paired to the VeryFitPro app on your phone, it syncs every time you open the app. We recommend that you sync your tracker daily.

How is the readability in bright sunlight?

Reading under bright sunlight can be difficult, however you can try to adjust the Brightness of the tracker screen accordingly by switching the level of brightness in VeryFitPro App ( Device > More > Bracelet brightness > level )