• The symbol of Bluetooth disconnection

    “Disconnect Alert”  is used to notify you when the Bluetooth is out of range or disconnected. You can disable it in the H Band app (Mine > Y39 > Switch setting > Disconnect alert).

  • I can not login my hband account, how to reset the password?

    You can change and set your passwords: 1. Tap “ Forgot your password” 2. Tap “Get Code”, check your registered e-mail inbox, you’ll get a 4-digit code. 3. Enter the 4-digit code and your new password and tap “Reset password” in the app. 4. Close the app and open it again. 5. Login to the app with…

  • Menstrual Cycle Alert

    Female tracking is available for female users only, tracking your menstrual cycle can help you recognize any recurring irregularities and identify menstrual patterns. Make sure you have chosen the gender as female in the personal profile and “Female” module can then be found in the dashboard.

  • How to use motion mode?

    You can track your activity at specific time period using motion mode by long pressing the control button at the page showing a running man. In the motion mode, press the control button to select your activity, there are totally 10 sports which includes Outdoor Run, Outdoor Walk, Indoor Run,…

  • Failed to track blood pressure accurately?

    In order to get more accurate tracking result of your blood pressure, please first calibrate in the app by enabling the BP private mode ( In the app: My device > Y39 >BP private mode ) and enter your blood pressure value in the BP test mode setting obtained from…

  • How to turn on wrist sense function?

    You can enable “Turn Wrist Detection” in the H Band app, when this feature is enabled, you just need to raise and twist your wrist instead of having to touch the screen, the display of your fitness tracker will light up automatically ( In App: Mine > Y39 > Turn wrist detection – enable).